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evening sickness.

i think i’m finally seeing the light at the end of the nausea tunnel.  i only get mildly nauseous once or twice a day, usually after i brush my teeth.  yes, my gag reflex is so sensitive that brushing my teeth sets it off.  twice it has led to actually throwing up.  it’s the worst cycle ever.  brush teeth, throw up, brush teeth again, throw up again and so on.  i have to say that so far this is the weirdest unexpected side effect of pregnancy.

my fatigue seems to be subsiding as well.  i’m still more tired than usual, but now i’m able to fight through it and stay a bit more lucid.  sleeping for 12 hours a day/night was no good!

p.s. how amazing is this kitchen play set?

play set via pottery barn kids.

travis and i seem to favor toys like this, which encourage imagination, instead of those which beep, buzz, and over-stimulate.  i still think that i’m having a girl.  i feel mentally prepared for a girl, but we would be thrilled with either.  i can’t wait to find out in just over 2 months!

on an unrelated note, fruit snacks have never tasted so good!

enough said.

i don’t think i really need to explain why these shoes are awesome.

Tanssitossut or Dance Shoes from Finnish artists Huopaliike Lahtinen and Haraldin kenkä.

almost 10 weeks.

right now our baby is kumquat-sized (1.5 inches from head to rump) and looks something like this:

developmentally, he/she is out of the embryonic stage and is officially a fetus!  go, baby, go!  all of the vital organs are in place and kumquat is kicking away, though i can’t feel it yet.  sometimes i lie really still and try to feel it move.  occasionally i think i feel something and get very excited, only to realize it’s just gas.  sigh.  soon enough.

i apologize for not having taken a “bump” picture in the last couple of weeks.  truthfully, not enough has changed to justify a weekly picture at this point.  i’ll start back up with it next week because i have a feeling it’s all going to begin to snowball soon.  before i know it, i’ll have my own gravitational pull.  i’m looking forward to it.

maternity garb.

finding affordable, stylish maternity clothes is just as difficult as i thought it would be.  i finally managed to find a pair of cute, inexpensive, black maternity skinny jeans:

$28.99 from kiki’s fashions.  black is the only color of denim i’m allowed to wear to work, so finding a pair was a top priority on my clothing list.  now i can stop wearing the one increasingly uncomfortable pair that still sort of fit me. huzzah!

i’ve been looking to a lot of non-maternity places for items that might work.  forever 21 has a lot of cute tops with bump-friendly cuts, for a fraction of the price of most maternity stores:




$11.50, available in 4 colors

another awesome maternity site is  you have to weed through a fair amount of items that are $100+, but there are some pretty good deals to be found.

if i could afford  topshop maternity i would probably buy everything they offer.  i particularly LOVE this adorable flowered cardigan (US size 6 if anybody wants to make my year):


on the other hand, it is extremely easy to find affordable, adorable baby clothes.  seriously, i want to have a little girl just for this amazing ensemble:

$36.95 for the set, available from  the cupcake?  the tutu?  UH-MAZING.

will you look like your mama, baby?


chuck norris.

of all the internet memes out there, chuck norris jokes have long been some of my favorites.  today i found this shirt:

i think it is a primo candidate for something to wear while i’m in labor.  most books i’ve read on pregnancy/childbirth say it’s good to develop a labor mantra for yourself early on.  i’m supposed to repeat this mantra to myself anytime i feel anxious about labor pains, childbirth, etc.


in all honesty, i’m kind of looking forward to labor.  it may be too early to determine my feelings on the subject either way, but right now it doesn’t scare me.  it’s a beautiful part of what my body is designed to do.  yes, it will hurt.  it will be excruciating, possibly very long, and definitely very emotional.  BUT the end result is well worth all of that.  it’s one day of pain for a lifetime of joy.

all that said, i am considering natural childbirth.  call me crazy (and you may be right), but the idea of being 100% physically, mentally, and emotionally present for the experience is way less terrifying to me than have a giant needle shoved into my spine.  i have done a lot of research into this, as well as read and watched (gotta love youtube) many first-hand accounts of natural childbirth.  to me (and this is nothing if not a very personal choice), the pros far outweigh the cons.

the benefits of a natural birth that are most important to me are:

1.  no epidural means that i would be able to move freely, use the restroom, walk around, and change positions at will.

2.  i would be able to respond to my body’s signals and reflexes, and give it exactly what it needs.  if lying on my back becomes uncomfortable for me, it is most likely uncomfortable for the baby, too.  pain during labor serves a purpose to help me seek out the best positions for both of us.

3.  women who do not get an epidural can push harder and faster, thereby decreasing the amount of stress pushing puts on both you and the baby.  i can push when i need to push, not when the doctor tells me a should.  i would also be able to actually feel the progress my baby is making, and i believe this will offer the best incentive to push through the pain.

4.  the pain of a natural birth causes the mother’s body to secrete endorphins into the placenta and umbilical cord.  research shows that these endorphins serve to help the baby adjust to outside life and make their journey more comfortable.

5.  most mothers report that recovery after a natural birth is faster.  most can walk, eat, and shower right away.

6.  research as shown that naturally birthed babies are more alert and show a more immediate interest in pre-breast feeding behaviors, and usually nurse for longer and with more success the first time.

these are just 6 of the many reasons why i am considering this path.  i believe that each woman has the right to labor in any way she chooses, so long as it is not detrimental to the baby.  that said, if something did go wrong, i would absolutely do what needed to be done, even if it involves pain medication.  it’s all about bringing the baby into this world in the safest way possible.

also note that just because i say “natural childbirth” does not mean i plan to have this baby at home, in a bathtub.  i would only consider this route under the close supervision of my doctor, in a hospital or a birthing center.  any advice from mothers who have been there is welcome, but please no “you’re crazy” comments.  this is nobody’s decision but my own.  thank you.

the nursery.

travis and i live in a 730 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment.  that doesn’t leave a ton of room for a nursery.

here is our apartment’s floorplan:

the part i’ve highlighted in red will be our baby’s nursery.  as you can see, it measures roughly 11.5ft by 7ft. and is open to the rest of the apartment.  we’re going to have to be creative with the space.  this means multi-functional furniture, and nothing too big or elaborate (not our style anyhow).

we have only just begun our search for a crib and changing table, which is likely all that will be in the nursery space.  luckily, we have a coat closet, which we don’t keep much in, for storage.  we are also thinking about building/purchasing some sort of bookcase or storage cubes, which will come out from the wall, by our bedroom door.  this should act to delineate the space a bit more.  something like this, but smaller:

here is our favorite crib so far:

it converts into a toddler bed.  it’s honestly difficult to find a crib that doesn’t.  we want a fairly unisex crib, preferably in an espresso finish, so we can use it for future children.  i love how simple this is, but it still has some beautiful details present.

i love the matching changing table, too:


as you can see, it converts into a twin-sized bed.  it’s all about bang for the buck.

as far as a theme is concerned, neither of us like anything too matchy-matchy.  we’re thinking about framing some of the drawings we did as kids for the walls.  i prefer really personal touches like that over something from babies-r-us.  if our little grape turns out to be a little girl, her room will most likely not be all pink and frilly.  i’ve found one crib set that i LOVE for a girl:

i absolutely love the graphic black and white against the soft, delicately feminine pink poppies.  it also doesn’t hurt that the poppy is my favorite flower, and the polka dots are the icing on the cake!  AND it’s a totally affordably priced.  WHAM!

that’s all we have so far, but we still have 7+ months to pick everything out.  it’s a quiet, snowy evening here in indiana.  auggie and i are snuggled up on the couch, watching tv, eating pasta, and staying out of the cold.

the cat is out of the bag.

we finally made the big announcement today and made the news of our pregnancy public.  i’m so excited to be able to talk about it with family and friends.  this is the beginning of amazing, wonderful things for our family.  i’m just trying to take it all in and enjoy it.  happy sunday, everyone.

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what the what?

just another quick post before i go into work for the evening.

i think we can all agree that this girl is clearly NOT ready to be a parent.  may i just say that the “best answer” is absolutely hilarious.  “…that can lead to complications like an infinite loop.”  HA.


pregnant gas is a horse of a different color.  not only is there a lot of it (like enough to power a small city), but it just feels different.  it hurts more, for one thing.  i was up half the night with this crampy sort of pain creeping up to my ribs.  i must say, i have never had gas under my ribs before.  it’s almost like it has nowhere else to go because the baby is taking up some primo real estate in my gullet.  at the risk of getting completely crude, i think i will end this part of the post here.

travis and i went on a small shopping spree yesterday.  the purchase i am most excited about is undoubtedly my snoogle!

it’s a little early to start using it, but i’m very happy to know it’s there waiting for me.

if you’ve read the previous posts in this blog, you know i’m having a somewhat difficult time with morning sickness.  i’ve only thrown up once, but i’m nauseous constantly.  i bought these to help:

i tried the sour raspberry flavor at a particularly queasy moment.  it worked!  and it tasted good!  really, really good!  VICTORY.

the other edible goody i bought is a pack of belly bars:

i bought a 5 pack of the chocolate toffee crunch flavor.  due to my constant queasiness, i haven’t been eating as much or as often as i should.  if i can keep down just one of these, then at least i know baby is getting all the nutrients it needs for the day.   i ate one yesterday afternoon, and it was yummy!  very yummy!

i also bought a couple new bras for my ever-expanding chest area, but no one wants to hear about that.

**due to the new laws governing the blogosphere, i am obligated to tell you that i reviewed these products for funsies and was not offered any products or compensation for my efforts.**