at this point i’m experiencing more food aversions than cravings.  nothing really sounds appetizing at all, but some things just sound downright disgusting, especially meat.  all meat.  chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, hotdogs, sausage.  it’s all gross right now.  tonight is taco night.  travis will have ground beef, and i will have black beans and avocado.

this whole relationship with food is completely new to me.  i love food–cooking and eating.  i really don’t think i’ve had a food aversion in my life.  it is also amazing how quickly a craving can turn into an aversion.  i really wanted cheesecake the other night.  i NEEDED cheesecake.  i ate one small slice before the sight and the smell of it began to repulse me.  it went from delicious to baked by the devil himself in 60 seconds flat.

from what i’ve read and been told, this should all subside by the second trimester.  5 more weeks of this.  i can do it, and will likely do it a couple more times in my life.  in the end it will all be worth it.  all the sensitivities, aversions, mood swings, and soreness will result in a soft, pink, smell-goody little baby .  it is so worth it.


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