guessing girl.

this whole post is ridiculous because it’s waaaaaaaaaaay too early to tell yet, but i think i’m having a girl.  i have nothing to back this up, just intuition.  my mom and mother-in-law think i’m having a girl, too.  so does travis, but he swears it’s all the power of suggestion.

the few people who know i’m pregnant have asked me if we plan to find out the sex.  YES.  i’m too much of a planner to not know, and i figure it’s a surprise either way.

i hope it is a girl, for travis’ sake.  the relationship i have with my dad is amazing, and i wish the same thing for him in 25 years.  regardless of the sex, i know he will be an amazing father.

just imagine our dog as a baby.

2 responses to “guessing girl.

  1. I cherish my relationship with you. I am blessed to have you as my daughter.

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