maternity garb.

finding affordable, stylish maternity clothes is just as difficult as i thought it would be.  i finally managed to find a pair of cute, inexpensive, black maternity skinny jeans:

$28.99 from kiki’s fashions.  black is the only color of denim i’m allowed to wear to work, so finding a pair was a top priority on my clothing list.  now i can stop wearing the one increasingly uncomfortable pair that still sort of fit me. huzzah!

i’ve been looking to a lot of non-maternity places for items that might work.  forever 21 has a lot of cute tops with bump-friendly cuts, for a fraction of the price of most maternity stores:




$11.50, available in 4 colors

another awesome maternity site is  you have to weed through a fair amount of items that are $100+, but there are some pretty good deals to be found.

if i could afford  topshop maternity i would probably buy everything they offer.  i particularly LOVE this adorable flowered cardigan (US size 6 if anybody wants to make my year):


on the other hand, it is extremely easy to find affordable, adorable baby clothes.  seriously, i want to have a little girl just for this amazing ensemble:

$36.95 for the set, available from  the cupcake?  the tutu?  UH-MAZING.


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