almost 10 weeks.

right now our baby is kumquat-sized (1.5 inches from head to rump) and looks something like this:

developmentally, he/she is out of the embryonic stage and is officially a fetus!  go, baby, go!  all of the vital organs are in place and kumquat is kicking away, though i can’t feel it yet.  sometimes i lie really still and try to feel it move.  occasionally i think i feel something and get very excited, only to realize it’s just gas.  sigh.  soon enough.

i apologize for not having taken a “bump” picture in the last couple of weeks.  truthfully, not enough has changed to justify a weekly picture at this point.  i’ll start back up with it next week because i have a feeling it’s all going to begin to snowball soon.  before i know it, i’ll have my own gravitational pull.  i’m looking forward to it.


2 responses to “almost 10 weeks.

  1. I love these emails from babycenter! I usually take my first belly pic around 15 weeks and I usually feel the baby move around 20. You are SO excited! That makes me happy! 🙂

    • Thanks, Alisha! Out of curiosity, do you remember when you started showing with your first pregnancy? I know it’s different for everyone, but I’m just wondering.

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