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yin and yang.

honestly, i don’t have much to write about today.  i spent most of the day sleeping, lounging, and feeling a little bit under the weather.  so i thought i would take this opportunity to post some pictures of my husband’s paintings.  i’ve posted a few examples of my work (you can can see more here), so i think it’s only fair i show you some of his.  a lot of these pictures are older (october or november), and if you’re friends with me on facebook, you’ve probably seen them before.  i haven’t spent as much time in his studio lately due to the abundance of chemicals that i shouldn’t be around right now.  anyway.  without further ado, here are some of his paintings!

our different approaches to art is yet another example of the certain yin and yang element in our relationship.  he likes to paint from life–landscapes, portraits, still life, etc.  i like to draw monsters, hybrid creatures, and anything else i can pull out of my head.  his style is softer, mine is graphic and hard-edged.  his chosen materials are paint, charcoal, and pencil, while i prefer pen, markers, and colored pencil.  i like that we’re different in a lot of ways.  it keeps everything interesting.  i could never be with someone who is just like me.

anniversary date.

tonight travis and i went out to restaurant tallent (where he works) for our anniversary dinner.  we got all gussied up for the occasion.  i apologize for my expression in these pictures.  it was freezing outside and my eyes were watering from the wind.

the food was delicious and the company was even better.  we began the meal with roasted marrow bones with toast and some house made chips with truffled dip.  i had pork belly with butternut squash grits for my entree and travis had scallops.  for dessert i had a cappuccino (decaf, of course) and butterscotch semi freddo.  travis had a glass of sauternes and the cheese plate.  so good.  everyone who works there is so nice and it was awesome to finally get to meet travis’ co-workers.

i think the rest of the night will be spent curled up on the couch, with a dog and a movie.  i hope you all have a wonderful night.  i know i did.

4 years.

today travis and i celebrate 4 years together.  4 amazing, wonderful, exciting, happy years.  i can’t believe it was that long ago when i convinced him to skip his monday class and take the train from baltimore to washington dc with me.  we spent the whole day arm in arm (too nervous to hold hands) traipsing around the smithsonian.  we had no agenda that day.  when we got hungry, we ate.  when we got tired, we sat.  i will always remember that first date, and how my heart swelled every time he looked over at me and smiled.  i never would have thought, on that day, that in 4 years we would be married and pregnant.

very early on i knew he was different.  a week after that day i woke up in the middle of the night with a searing pain in my abdomen.  i called him and he ran over, drove me to the ER, and stayed with me all night while they treated me for an ovarian cyst.  he held my hand the whole time.  he brought me home late the next morning and helped me into bed.  while i slept off the painkillers, he went to the store and bought me ginger ale, bread, and peanut butter.  when i woke up he made me a sandwich.  i called my parents to tell them about the ordeal, and i broke the news of our relationship by saying, “i’m OK.  my boyfriend took me to the hospital.”

3 days after that, i left for 10 days in italy.  i knew he was different then, too.  i missed him horribly and felt foolish for it.  we had only been dating for 10 days, but had been close friends for much much longer.  we had already said “i love you”, and i knew i would marry him someday.  as i told my best friend, cara all about him on the trip, i think she knew he was different, too.  in a strange coincidence, there was a graffiti artist at work all over rome who went by the handle travis.  every time i saw one of these tags, i took a picture:

pictures can say what i can not.  here are my favorite pictures of us throughout our relationship:






thank you, travis for all that you are.  i love you.

bump it.

here are the 13 week bump pictures as promised (complete with red lipstick)!

i was feeling pretty dowdy and a little greasy this evening, but there’s nothing like a swipe of red lipstick to make one feel instantly more put together.

my bump is really starting to stick out this week.  it’s pretty hard to hide it now, not that i’ve been trying to.  the weirdest development this week is that my belly button is now slightly off center.  it’s difficult to get a decent picture of it, but it’s definitely slightly right of center.

my big cravings this week have been green beans, frozen yogurt, grilled cheese, and pasta with butter and parmesan.  i’m still not stomaching meat very well, but i did manage to eat some roast chicken and a small cheeseburger this week.  progress!  i’ve been taking my vitamins religiously and have been getting protein from quinoa, almonds, almond milk, and cheese.  my OB gave me a handy chart to keep track of my diet and how many servings i’ve had from various food groups.  most days i’ve gotten fairly close to an ideal balance.  i’m trying!

6 weeks from today we find out if this little shrimp is a girl or a boy!  i can’t wait!  my mom and dad are flying out from philadelphia for the appointment and travis’ mom (and maybe his dad) are driving out from ohio.  it should be a very fun weekend, full of things to celebrate!  this baby will be very blessed to have such wonderful grandparents.

i think it is time for me to pop some popcorn, cuddle with my pup, and watch some figure skating.  i hope you all have a wonderful night!

jam pants.

travis and i enjoyed a lazy morning today before we both had to brave the cold and go to work.  i thought i would share some pictures he snapped of me and auggie right before i left our warm, cozy apartment for the evening.  i would have given anything to stay home and snuggle my puppy tonight.

i know this one is blurry, but i really like it:

i love auggie’s goofy face in this one:

you know it is truly cold outside when you catch me wearing this sweater.  it is quite possibly the warmest thing ever created.  that combined with being oversized, comfortable, and that it originally belonged to my nana, makes it the most comforting item in my closet.  i love to dress up when i go out, but when i’m at home you will always find me in something warm and shapeless.

i LOVE pajama pants (or “jam pants”, as i call them), but before you get all what not to wear on me, know that i never don them outside of the house.  i was raised to take pride in my appearance, and have always loved the ritual of getting dressed in the morning.  that is besides the point.  the point is that none of my pre-pregnancy pajama pants fit me comfortably anymore.  nor do any of my husband’s.  this, combined with the severely cold midwestern winter, has forced me into onesie territory.  you know, the big fleece numbers with built in feet and a zipper that runs from ankle to neck in one long unbroken line of dowdiness.  i have no shame.  they are warm, accommodate my growing middle, and keep my perpetually cold feet warm and toasty.  PLUS, the set i wear most often has planets and glow-in-the-dark stars all over it.  WIN.

i plan to buy our baby plenty of these soft, fleece creations.  there is only a small window of time in one’s life where such things are considered cute.  this is the same reason why i plan to buy the little one a good number of hats with animal ears, like this one:

hat from hatsmybaby.

i really hope our baby doesn’t grow up to resent me for this.  stay tuned for a 13 week bump picture tomorrow!

new york minute.

no, the subject of this post does not refer to the olsen twins movie of the same name.

oh, eugene levy! how the mighty have fallen. but that’s another post entirely.

instead, it refers to a moment i had in the parking lot while i walked into work this morning.  i was minding my own business (all lalalala), walking from my car into my workplace.  when i walked behind a certain car its reverse lights came on and it suddenly crept toward me.  instead of doing something sensible like stepping out of the way, i proceeded to punch the back of the car and shout, “PREGNANT WOMAN WALKIN’ HERE”.  then i ate a dirty-water hotdog (just kidding, but mmmmm).

in more important news, i finished the crocheted pillow front i was working on.

now i just have to back it, line it, and stuff it!  easy peasy lemon squeezey.

pretty darn good.

today has been a pretty darn good day.  i have been craving green beans for days now, and finally satisfied that longing at dinner tonight.  more importantly, travis got one of the coveted teaching positions at his school!  next year he will be at the helm of fundamentals of drawing.


in another news, my mom is traipsing around hong kong with my aunt susan.  she emailed me the first pictures from her trip today.  here she is with a giant, technicolor lobster:

check that thing out!  i would love to tour the fish markets there.  i’m sure they’re incredible!  the next stop in their trip is china and then onto japan.  i photoshopped this picture (poorly) to get an idea of what my mom will look like on the great wall:

she looks happy.  this must be where i get my love of travel.  i hope our baby shares this trait.

tomorrow is the first day of my second trimester.  i have slowly been feeling better and growing bigger.  it feels good.  really, really good.  baby will be 13 weeks tomorrow.  i can hardly believe 9 weeks have passed since we found out about our little lime.  only 6 more weeks until we find out if lime is a boy or a girl.  i still think she’s a girl, and i’ve now had a few dreams to back this up.  only time will tell…

top baby blogs.

dear readers,

top baby blogs reset every member to ZERO today, which means it is now a completely even playing field!  if everyone could please do me a teeny tiny little favor and click the brown button to the right to cast a vote for me, i would really appreciate it!

that’s all you have to do.  there’s nothing to fill out, no ads, no pop-ups.  you click the button, top baby blogs opens a new window, and you can either browse the site or close it.  that simple!  thank you so much.  we were in the top 80 blogs before it reset.  with your help, we can do even better this time!


love, sara, travis, and auggie the doggie

p.s.  here is a picture of cute puppy with a heart in its fur as a thank you!

date night!

travis and i haven’t had a day off together in a long time. we are celebrating by making the trip up to indy to eat at brugge brasserie. i can taste those moule frites and nutella crepes now!

i’m even wearing my special pink cowboy boots for the occasion!

go go gadget potassium!

this is what delicious looks like:

also, this movie has always been one of my favorites:

tonight i watched it for the first time since becoming pregnant.  it’s taken on a whole new significance and it makes it that much better.  if you’re pregnant, a mother, or a fan of great movies i suggest you make an effort to see it, if you haven’t already.

i’m writing this post while struggling to stay awake until travis gets home from work.  i barely saw him today, and that makes me cranky.  i worked 8:30-4pm and he works 3pm-12ish.  i can’t complain too much, though.  we have a very rare day off together tomorrow!  we’re coming up on 4 years together this friday.  i can’t believe it.  i think audrey hepburn and fred astaire say it best.