last night, while wasting time on the internet, i came across this:

“modern world map” print, via these are things.

and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  yellow and aqua.  and just like that, travis and i decided on the colors for little k’s nursery.  they are absolutely perfect!  it’s gender neutral to start, but with the right accents thrown in it can become decidedly feminine or masculine.  to me these colors are sunny, warm, and so wonderfully happy.  of course, this snowballed into me spending all night on my computer, seeking out the perfect matching components.

first of all, the crib.  you may remember this crib in espresso from this post.  now we’re thinking we might like it better in white:

crib by simmons, via buy buy baby.

i quickly found the perfect crib set on target’s website, which is perfect for a boy or a girl:

crib set via migi, available at target.

our nursery space has a nice-sized window, which faces where the crib will be.  this, of course, necessitates curtains:






curtains via: 1.  bed bath and beyond, 2.  modcloth, 3 & 4.  urban outfitters, 5.  land of nod

we  will likely live in our current apartment for less than a year after the baby is born.  this, coupled with expenses, makes us unwilling to paint the space.  the perfect compromise are these wall decals, which are easily removable and reusable:

alphabet wall decals via threadless for blik.

now for all of those little extras!

clock via modcloth.

wooden arabian rocking horse by plan toys, via bloume baby.

poster via studio violet.

random vintage print.

so there you have it!  these items are the inspiration for little k’s nursery.  travis and i love every single item listed here and can’t wait to start putting it all together!


5 responses to “nursery.

  1. wow! i love your artistic eye for design

  2. Cute stuff! Love the bedding. Evangeline’s room is blue and birdie. I think there’s a pic on my FB pg. Probably too matchy for your taste, but I had fun putting it all together! I hung a nest from the ceiling and made two felt birds to put in it.

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