the name game.

the number one question i get asked after someone finds out i’m pregnant is, “do you have any names picked out?”  yes.  in fact, we already know the exact names we want for a boy and a girl.  we do not plan to share the name of our child until after we find out the sex, if then.  we may wait to reveal the first name until he/she is born.

BUT this post is not a complete tease.  today, i will tell you our chosen middle names.

if little k is a girl, her middle name will be GRAY.  this name is a combination of my grandmother’s name, GAY and GRANNY, which is what i call her.  i am very close to my granny, and i wanted to honor her in this way.  with gray as the middle name, her initials will be SGH.

if little k is a boy, his middle name will be THOMAS after travis’ granddad and his brother.  (FUN FACT:  travis’ brother, preston is actually named thomas.  preston is his middle name, which he has gone by since birth.)  my husband is very close to his granddad and has the utmost respect for him.  we knew almost immediately that we wanted to use his name.  with thomas as the middle name, his initials will be ETH.

if you are so inclined, you are welcome to leave comments with your guesses about the first names.  however, i will neither confirm nor deny them.  and please, if you are one of the select few to already know our names, don’t spoil it!

in other news, i spent the weekend with graph paper and a measuring tape and figured out the best layout for the nursery.  i managed to fit a full-size crib, a changing table, a bookcase, and a toy box comfortably into a 7’x9′ space.  speaking of the toy box, i have decided to buy an unfinished wood version online.  i’ve been able to find some very nice, solid pine options for very reasonable prices.  i want one that is a very plain rectangular box, as my plan is to paint it to look like a giant box of barnum’s animal crackers.

see, mom and dad?  that expensive fine arts education is finally paying off!  i am very excited for the weather to get warmer so i can tarp our deck and start this project!

stay tuned for an 11 week post and bump picture either tomorrow or wednesday!


8 responses to “the name game.

  1. The educational expense was worth every penny. It permitted you to meet a wonderful young man and become part of his terrific family.

  2. Picking a name must be so fun!
    I also believe that family names are important to carry on. In my opinion, Gray is one of the most beautiful middle names- and it is so wonderful that it will have a special meaning.

    • picking a name was pretty simple for us. we knew what we wanted before we even got pregnant! i like that we’ll use a name from my family if it’s a girl and a name from trav’s if it’s a boy. it balances nicely.

  3. just want to say again…love the blog…helps me feel connected to you & what’s going on!
    the toybox idea is GREAT!

  4. Gray is a great name. So here is my tease: I think it compliments “S” very well. I also like the background story on it.
    Travis is lucky to have such a creative wife who has such a sweet granny.

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