to do list.

1.)  figure out a pattern for this hat:

2.)  finish the baby blanket i’m crocheting.

i started this blanket the day we found out about our baby.  the first words out of my mouth, after seeing the positive test, were, “i’m going to need more yarn.”  as soon as this blanket is done, i have another i want to start.  i figure a baby can never have too many lovingly made blankets.

3.)  start work on the crib mobile.  travis and i are collaborating on this one.  i’m making the plushies and he’s making the cross bar and hanging apparatus.  so far my idea is a sun, a cloud, a bird or two, and maybe an umbrella.  these will all be made from shades of yellow, orange, aqua, and green felt.

i have some other things to make over the next 6.5 months, but the rest of the list depends on the baby’s gender.  i plan to make a cloth triangle banner with his/her name to hang on the wall above the crib.  something like this:

if i have the time, i would also like to make an appliqued quilt and a dust ruffle for the crib.  we’ll see.

ok.  i think it’s pancake time.  i had a dream about eating pancakes in disney world the other night.  ever since then i have wanted pancakes like crazy.  i want to go to disney world, too, but pancakes are more feasible/affordable at the moment.  YAY PANCAKES!


2 responses to “to do list.

  1. Sara,
    You know that the giraffe hat pattern is offered on that site? $6.00. Or……you could wait to see if SG receives it as a gift from some random grandparent. : )

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