bringing us together, tearing us apart (from the inside).

i am originally from philadelphia, born and raised for 23 years.  my husband is a native texan.  i thought there would never be a bridge between our two seemingly disparate cultures.  until NOW.  today i found out that taco bell introduced this:

the taco bell mexican cheesesteak.  doesn’t it just make you cry tears of pure joy?  i am so glad someone finally had the gusto, the chutzpah even, to build such a beautiful bridge connecting our two great states.  this is just one step away from the texylvanian empire i’ve always dreamed of.  bringing us together while tearing us apart from the inside out.  this is what dreams are made of.  today, more so than ever before, i am proud to be an american.

(please note:  this post is 100% sarcastic.  also note that i realize this has nothing to do with babies.  we will return to our regularly scheduled  programming tomorrow.)


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