i have been very lucky to have a lot of wonderful adventures in my young life.  many of these have been in the company of my best friend and partner in crime, cara.  from drinking in dublin on saint patrick’s day to a whirlwind 22 hours in australia to enjoying la dolce vita in tuscany, we have seen a lot together.  as i embark on my biggest adventure yet, it’s amazing to know she will be now be aunt cara.  here are some of my favorite pictures from our travels together:

dublin, ireland.

the best gnocchi ever.

in san donato with our awesome bus driver, mossimo.


seesawing in a playground in tuscany.


auckland, new zealand.

in saratoga springs, new york the weekend of her college graduation.

behind the channel 13 news desk in casper, wyoming.

we even have adventures over nachos at the mall.

cara and i are coming up on 20 years of best friendship.  i can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will bring for us.

EDIT:  i’m a moron.  the whole point of this post was to say how excited i am that cara is coming to visit us in march!


2 responses to “adventures.

  1. A best friend is the best thing!

  2. Geez I used to have so much hair!!!

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