nursery art.

i have some older illustration pieces laying around that i think will be a perfect addition to the nursery walls.

we already have a bit of a bird motif going on in here.  this will fit in nicely.

i can see this in a small frame, right above the changing table.

this piece must be in there somewhere.  what’s sweeter than love and a tin can phone?

ok, i know this isn’t exactly an illustration, but i want this baby to know from day one just how much love is in this tiny apartment.  even though this isn’t a drawing, i still spent a ton of time making our save the dates.  this deserves a place on that wall, darn it!

i have some more ideas for drawings to add to the walls.  i also bought some new yarn today.  i’ll be crafting up a storm over the next 6+ months!  stay tuned!


3 responses to “nursery art.

  1. you have an absolutly darling blog! Love this art!!! I will be back daily to see whats new! Congrats on the 12 weeks!! Looking great! xo
    ‘all things baby♥ fashion & decor!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Priscila! I’ve seen your blog on top baby blogs before. It’s fantastic! I’ve bookmarked it. Thank you for the kind words.

  2. I’m a huge fan of the collage with the animals and the tin can phone. I like the other ones you did too.
    I feel like we already look older than we did in the save the date picture… and that was only a little over a year ago!

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