top baby blogs.

dear readers,

top baby blogs reset every member to ZERO today, which means it is now a completely even playing field!  if everyone could please do me a teeny tiny little favor and click the brown button to the right to cast a vote for me, i would really appreciate it!

that’s all you have to do.  there’s nothing to fill out, no ads, no pop-ups.  you click the button, top baby blogs opens a new window, and you can either browse the site or close it.  that simple!  thank you so much.  we were in the top 80 blogs before it reset.  with your help, we can do even better this time!


love, sara, travis, and auggie the doggie

p.s.  here is a picture of cute puppy with a heart in its fur as a thank you!


One response to “top baby blogs.

  1. I would have voted anyway- but the puppy was a nice touch!

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