new york minute.

no, the subject of this post does not refer to the olsen twins movie of the same name.

oh, eugene levy! how the mighty have fallen. but that’s another post entirely.

instead, it refers to a moment i had in the parking lot while i walked into work this morning.  i was minding my own business (all lalalala), walking from my car into my workplace.  when i walked behind a certain car its reverse lights came on and it suddenly crept toward me.  instead of doing something sensible like stepping out of the way, i proceeded to punch the back of the car and shout, “PREGNANT WOMAN WALKIN’ HERE”.  then i ate a dirty-water hotdog (just kidding, but mmmmm).

in more important news, i finished the crocheted pillow front i was working on.

now i just have to back it, line it, and stuff it!  easy peasy lemon squeezey.


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