jam pants.

travis and i enjoyed a lazy morning today before we both had to brave the cold and go to work.  i thought i would share some pictures he snapped of me and auggie right before i left our warm, cozy apartment for the evening.  i would have given anything to stay home and snuggle my puppy tonight.

i know this one is blurry, but i really like it:

i love auggie’s goofy face in this one:

you know it is truly cold outside when you catch me wearing this sweater.  it is quite possibly the warmest thing ever created.  that combined with being oversized, comfortable, and that it originally belonged to my nana, makes it the most comforting item in my closet.  i love to dress up when i go out, but when i’m at home you will always find me in something warm and shapeless.

i LOVE pajama pants (or “jam pants”, as i call them), but before you get all what not to wear on me, know that i never don them outside of the house.  i was raised to take pride in my appearance, and have always loved the ritual of getting dressed in the morning.  that is besides the point.  the point is that none of my pre-pregnancy pajama pants fit me comfortably anymore.  nor do any of my husband’s.  this, combined with the severely cold midwestern winter, has forced me into onesie territory.  you know, the big fleece numbers with built in feet and a zipper that runs from ankle to neck in one long unbroken line of dowdiness.  i have no shame.  they are warm, accommodate my growing middle, and keep my perpetually cold feet warm and toasty.  PLUS, the set i wear most often has planets and glow-in-the-dark stars all over it.  WIN.

i plan to buy our baby plenty of these soft, fleece creations.  there is only a small window of time in one’s life where such things are considered cute.  this is the same reason why i plan to buy the little one a good number of hats with animal ears, like this one:

hat from hatsmybaby.

i really hope our baby doesn’t grow up to resent me for this.  stay tuned for a 13 week bump picture tomorrow!


2 responses to “jam pants.

  1. what a pretty scarf 🙂

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