yin and yang.

honestly, i don’t have much to write about today.  i spent most of the day sleeping, lounging, and feeling a little bit under the weather.  so i thought i would take this opportunity to post some pictures of my husband’s paintings.  i’ve posted a few examples of my work (you can can see more here), so i think it’s only fair i show you some of his.  a lot of these pictures are older (october or november), and if you’re friends with me on facebook, you’ve probably seen them before.  i haven’t spent as much time in his studio lately due to the abundance of chemicals that i shouldn’t be around right now.  anyway.  without further ado, here are some of his paintings!

our different approaches to art is yet another example of the certain yin and yang element in our relationship.  he likes to paint from life–landscapes, portraits, still life, etc.  i like to draw monsters, hybrid creatures, and anything else i can pull out of my head.  his style is softer, mine is graphic and hard-edged.  his chosen materials are paint, charcoal, and pencil, while i prefer pen, markers, and colored pencil.  i like that we’re different in a lot of ways.  it keeps everything interesting.  i could never be with someone who is just like me.


One response to “yin and yang.

  1. There will never be anyone just like you. Everyone is special, but to me, you are the most special.

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