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my adorable nephew, zack, turns 3 in just a few days.  THREE.  i can’t believe it.  it seems like only yesterday he was just a small baby:

my sister, upon seeing the dinosaur onesie i made, requested a dino shirt for zack.  apparently, he loves dinosaurs and likes to tell her there is one living in the backyard.  CUTE.  here is the end result:

it’s not a great picture, but you get the idea.  i wanted to make it less baby-ish and more awesome little boy-ish than the onesie.  i think i succeeded!  i’m not going to lie, i kind of want one in my size.  it happened to work out well that this quick trip home fell so close to his birthday.  i can’t wait to see him and my niece, sophie today!

fun in the rain.

well, i’m pennsylvania.  gross, cold, rainy pennsylvania.  despite the weather, i’m having a blast!  i went to ikea with my mom today, and we bought 13 yards of the fabric i posted here.  i’m so excited!  i loved it even more in person.

tonight i’m taking my good friend kim out to dinner for her birthday!  i don’t know where we’re going or what we’re going to do, but it’s will be fun!

right now my mom and i are watching mamma mia.  though i think abba is a musical skid mark on the underwear of pop culture, i will admit the movie is sort of cute.  sort of.

i’m going to keep this short for now.  i’ve got too much fun to have before i leave on thursday.  bye!

adjusting to marriage: the his and her poof.

travis and i do not use the same body wash, but we do share a poof.  his body wash smells like man.  worse than that, it smells how men think women want them to smell.  you know, like alaskan rain storms, refreshing mists, and sportsmanship.  this offensive pseudo-manly blue goo permeates everything in our tiny apartment.  he took a shower friday around 2:30pm, before he left for work.  when i got home from my job that evening at midnight, the bathroom still smelled like a 7th grade boy wearing too much nautica for men cologne.  my body wash, on the other hand, has no fragrance.  i have really sensitive skin.  it doesn’t handle perfumes or dyes very well, so i use the colorless, odorless oatmeal-based wash they recommend for kids with the chicken pox.

now, it is not the lingering scent of his over-marketed “i’m on a horse” (see video below for the reference) wash that bothers me most.  it is the poof.  the poof i bought for myself, for the purpose of exfoliation and washing my own back.  the stupid little bundle of sea foam green tulle-like material on a rope that i spent $2.99 on, which travis has decided to use, too.  IT SMELLS LIKE DUDE NOW.  the smell does not come out of it, no matter how long i hold it under scalding hot water.  i use it and my skin goes berserk from the fresh spring wilderness surging waterfall man residue left on it.  i think there is only one solution here.  in this time of personal economic uncertainty, when we have loans, bills, and a baby to save for, i think i need to pony up another $2.99 and buy him his own poof.  if he needs to be a walking contradiction and have his own girly, fluffy ball of tulle to use  with his overly-masculine soap, so be it.  DONE.  i think i’ll get him a pink one.

no joke, this is the wash he uses:

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these are a few of my favorite things.

alternate title for this post:  all of these things are awesome, but some of them are way too expensive.

kit lili field of flowers romper from clementine rose, $34.99

kit lili apples onesie from clementine rose, $38.00

funny bunny lamp from urban outfitters, $48.00.  ok.  i am seriously thinking about splurging on this for the nursery.  don’t judge me.

annamoa fabric from ikea, $7.99/yd.  my awesome mother-in-law has kindly offered to make our crib dust ruffle and curtains.  travis and i are seriously considering this fabric.  i’m going to ikea with my mom next week, where i hope to see it in person.

i’m sure there will be a part 2 to this post sometime soon.  i find new baby things everyday that i love.  while travis is at work tonight, i’m going to do heaps of laundry, make my adorable nephew a shirt for his birthday, and pack for my last-minute trip to pennsylvania on monday!  i’m not going to lie, i’ll probably also spend a chunk of my time making and eating cinnamon buns and watching america’s next top model re-runs.  don’t judge me!

i’m so excited to spend a few days in my hometown with my family and friends!  i hope my parents let me cook them dinner one night.  they have a big, beautiful, state-of-the-art kitchen and it is a joy to cook in.  quite the departure from the cramped corian wonderland that is our kitchen.  it’s time for me to take a shower and get to the laundry cinnamon buns.  so long!

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this week’s bump picture is a few days late and a little bit shoddy.  sorry!  my camera needs to be charged, so i had to use my webcam for this one.  without further ado, 17 weeks and 3 days:

my bump has really started to stick out this week.  almost all of my co-workers have commented on this.  i guess i’m really pregnant, huh?  CRAZY.  it still blows my mind every single day.

thanks to all of you, we are now 2 tiny votes away from the top 50!  THANK YOU for all of your clicks and votes.  YOU ARE AWESOME.

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i have to leave for work shortly, where i have to stay until 11 tonight.  just in case i don’t get home in time to (or in the mood to) post anything, here is another onesie i made!

travis has a thing for dinosaurs, so i made this more for him than for our child.  if the baby is a boy, i will leave it as is.  if the baby is a girl, i will add a pink bow to the dino’s head and some pink or purple hearts to the front and back.  well, i have to run and make myself some dinner to take with me.  bye!  have a wonderful thursday!

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i’ve had a few questions on the old formspring relating to religion lately.   i thought i would address the issue,  how we intend to approach it with our child, and give you some background information.  my husband is a devoted christian (a calvinist if we’re being technical) and i a jew.  out of the two of us, i would say my husband is the more religious.

i was raised completely jewish, though my mother was raised a christian and converted to judaism to marry my father.  i went to hebrew school, had a bat mitzvah, and went to synagogue on a pretty regular basis as a child.  i love my religion, especially the cultural aspects which accompany it.  i have cousins who are orthodox and would not marry a non-jew.  whereas, i am a reform jew (the least strict sect), and no one in my immediate family married within the religion.  i have some extended family who did not support my choice to marry travis because of this difference, but that is another story, one which i won’t delve any deeper into here.

travis was raised in a christian household.  i believe most of his extended family is baptist.  after a great deal of theological reading, research, and introspection, he decided to live his adult life as a calvinist.  his family says grace before every dinner, they go to church on sundays and holidays, and they are steadfast in their beliefs.  travis is the first in his family (extended and immediate) to marry outside of the christian faith.  he told me once that he never imagined he would marry a jew.  he did not mean this in a a bad way, of course.  it is just as i never imagined i would choose to share my life with a conservative christian.  he chose me, not for what i believe, but who i am.

we plan to raise our child with both religions present in the home.  our plan is to educate our child and provide him/her with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions on faith.  if our child comes to us, 12 years from now, wanting a bar or bat mitzvah, then great.  if he/she comes  to us wanting to continue pursuing only the christian faith, then great.  as long as my child comes to his/her decision on faith (or a lack thereof, if that happens to be the case) in an informed, rational, and genuine manner, i will be supportive.  we can only be honest, respectful, and teach our child all we know, but we cannot choose for them.

our child(ren) will probably end up going to church more often than synagogue, simply because travis goes to church more than i go to temple.  however, this is something i would like to change about myself, so we’ll see where we end up.  i tend to have more of an interest in how judaism impacts the home and the community, as opposed to the organizational aspects of it.  one of the fundamentals of the jewish faith that i love is the concept of mitzvah or doing good within the community.  i also would like to teach my kid(s) hebrew from an early age.  a basic knowledge of hebrew is the difference between feeling comfortable or out of place in synagogue.  i want my family to feel at home in both places.  besides that, hebrew is a beautiful language and i love that i have a basic knowledge of it.

while these issues and differences in faith are very important, i believe that they do not make or break a marriage.  would it be easier if i were a christian or travis were a jew?  i’m not going to lie, it probably would.  that said, i believe it is a core of shared values, morals, and goals in life that make or break a marriage.  for example, if i wanted children and he did not, that would be way  more likely to break our union.  we are very lucky to want the exact same things out of life.  though we have only been married a short time, i feel our union is strong and will only get stronger because of this.

there you have it.  that is our plan.  if you have any questions, i will do my very best to answer them.  if you are raising your child(ren) in or are a product of an interfaith household, i would love to hear from you!  you can respond here or email me directly at  if you would like to ask travis a question, you can leave a comment on his blog.

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a quick second post: meet merton.

ladies and gentleman, meet merton.  he is my new favorite youtube personality.  he hangs out on chatroulette and plays improv piano songs about the random people/creeps in encounters on the chance program.  piano nerds and technology?  in the immortal words of liz lemon, I WANT TO GO TO THERE.  warning:  the following videos contain some cursing.

this is ben folds’ tribute to merton, which he perfomed live at his concert in charlotte, north carolina:

ben folds has long been one of my favorite musicians.  my older brother got me hooked on him when i was 9, and i’ve been a huge fan ever since.  that’s almost 16 years of unconditional love right there.

i know this post is in no way baby related, but this made my day yesterday, and i felt i had to share.

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17 weeks!

we’re just 3 weeks from the halfway point and 16 days from finding out the sex!  time is simultaneously flying by and dragging on.  this week baby is the size of a turnip, at 5 inches long and 5 ounces in weight.  my belly seems to fluctuate from day to day.  some days it really sticks out and other days it looks like i ate too many tacos.  most days, both points are true.

today has been a really nice day so far.  it is half-price bread day at our local bakery, the scholar’s inn.  we picked up a loaf of seeded rye that smells amazing!  the northeast has the best delis in the world.  it is almost impossible to find a good loaf of rye or a rare roast beef sandwich in the midwest.  scholar’s inn has both!

on another note, check out sarah’s blog post today on some great books about both passover and easter.  if you’re raising your child(ren) in an interfaith household (like she is and we will), check it out!  you can enter her giveaway for a chance to win a copy of each book.  i did!  plus, her baby, charlotte is a beauty and her blogs posts are always heartfelt, funny, and honest.  WIN.

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quiet night.

today was a lazy day, and i don’t have much to blog about tonight.

all that has been on my mind today is the thought of meeting our baby.  i wonder what he/she will look like.  i keep tearing up just thinking about it.

a short post, i know, but i’m in a quiet kind of mood tonight.  my husband will be home from work soon.  all i want to do is crawl into bed with him, put my head on his chest, and thank him for just being him, for giving me this amazing blessing growing inside of me.  ok, i’m officially crying now.  goodnight, everyone.