as promised, here are my 14 week bump pictures.  i thought i would also use this as an opportunity to show off the great dress i ordered, which i mentioned here.  i will wear this to my parents’ 40th anniversary party this june!

i am in love with this dress.  it is so soft and comfortable!

today was a fantastic day.  it was sunny and comparatively warm (43 degrees).  travis woke up to an email letting him know that he will teaching this summer in addition to next year.  GO, TRAVIS!  then we went grocery shopping and cooked a lovely dinner of artichokes, roasted red skin potatoes, salad, and olive oil focaccia.  so yummy.

is anyone else super duper excited for the office baby episode later tonight?!

7 responses to “bump!

  1. Super cute! And congrats to Travis! And yes, I am very excited about the office! Too bad we don’t have cable or dish….have to wait until it’s on Hulu. Oh well…gonna steam the floors while the kiddos are asleep. How’s that for fun? 🙂

  2. Love the dress…it’s really cute!

  3. Wow- you look hot! That is a gorgeous dress.

    Congrats to your parents- they are such wonderful people.

  4. miss you too.
    a lot.

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