life savers.

this is post is all about the products and foods that have saved my life (or at least my stomach/sanity) through my pregnancy so far.

–saltines.  some days, especially early on, these were the only thing that tasted good and the only thing that stayed down.

–tazo organic spicy ginger tea.  this tea is amazing.  it has no caffeine, and tastes purely of ginger with a hint of orange peel.  sipping a cup of this tea always helps my nausea.

–pomegranate juice.  i mix it with an equal part of sparkling water and drink it from a red wine glass.  it makes me not miss my almost nightly glass of wine.

–simply lemonade with salt.  run a lemon along the rim of a low ball glass, dip in salt, pour in simply lemonade and enjoy!  it’s so good, especially with mexican food.  i will be trying this with simply limeade soon.

–lavender bubble bath.  i take a warm bath every night before bed, and this makes the experience all the more soothing.

–sleeping with a second pillow.  i put the additional pillow between my knees.  it helps me stay asleep and prevents me from rolling onto my stomach.  i am a chronic stomach sleeper.

–unisom.  when i feel particularly nauseous or restless, i take half of one.  it’s completely safe to take during pregnancy and is an anti-nausea and sleep-aid all in one tiny pill.  it easily breaks in half, is uncoated (so it works quickly), and is small enough for me to take without water.

so there it is.  my basic list of pregnancy essentials.  what worked/works for you during your pregnancy? i’m always looking for suggestions of new things to try!


6 responses to “life savers.

  1. Cinnamint flavored sugarfree gum has helped me the last couple of weeks.

    Oranges and tangelos taste great to me when nothing else does.

    I can’t wait to try the pomegranate and simply lemonade “cocktails” because I’m having a hard time finding things to drink besides water (which tastes awful to me right now).

    • I hear you on the gum! I have this particular kind that is mint and cardamom. It really helps sometimes and other times it aggravates things.

      Granny smith apples pretty much always taste/sound good to me!

  2. Count Chocula saw me through my worst bouts of nausea…I have no idea how or why, I don’t even like sugary cereal!
    Warm lavender baths were a standby, too.
    Also, smoothies…I backed into a purple Miata when I was on a smoothie binge (oops)…
    In the final weeks of my pregnancy, my OB instructed me to add a small glass of white wine to my bath time regimen (not EVERY night, of course)!

  3. peppermint candies – lifesaver when you have a little annoying headche that won’t go away. My dad told me that peppermint helps…and he was right!

    I also have been taking baths almost everynight. Try Lush ( I think that is the website….bubble bath bars and bubble bars. They smell so good and make skin soft

    • Dana, thanks for the tip about Lush. I’ve seen their products before but have never used them. I’ll have to give them a try! My skin has been unusually dry lately.

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