uh oh.

i’ve got that itch again.  you know the one.  where one random day you wake up and decide it’s time for a change.  i really think i want to cut my hair off.  i’m approaching this cautiously.  i’ve heard about pregnant women suddenly getting this itch, only to end up looking like thomas beatie and consequently suffering huge hormonal crying jags until it grows out.  let’s not forget julia roberts in steel magnolias.

BUT look at this:

adorable!  and it’s not like i’ve never had short hair before.  i’ve been there many, many times:

see?  not so disastrous.

so, the question i have for you, dear readers, is this:

to cut or not to cut–that is the question: whether tis nobler on the head to suffer to combs and scissors of an outrageous hair cut, or to take arms against a possible follicular disaster and, by opposing, grow my hair out.


6 responses to “uh oh.

  1. Sara, I’ve always loved the short cuts on you. You should do it! Especially since you won’t be dyeing your hair- it will be a fun way to do something different.
    I recently chopped my hair (9 inches!!) and I LOVE it short. Its fun!

  2. You do look cute with short cuts, but every pregnancy book I have read suggests that you not make any major decisions (hair cuts, color, etc.) while pregnant. Wait it out a while, and then if you still really think it’s a good idea, then go for it. Just don’t do anything drastic on a whim…

  3. Definitely…Cut!! I love your hair short. It is so cute, and you will find it so much easier to just wash and go, esp after baby comes.

  4. cut it, cutie…

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