owl always love you.

travis and i bought some plain, white onesies and fabric markers today.  since we don’t know the sex yet, we’re trying to keep them neutral.  this is my first attempt:

nothing too special.  i wanted to keep it pretty cute.

today i am 16 weeks.  baby is the size of an avocado at 4.5 inches from head to rump.  i find this disturbing, as every time i think about my child, i start craving guacamole.  the big development this week is that baby’s ears are in place and he/she should be able to hear us talk!

tonight’s post is a short one.  i got very little sleep last night (only 45 terrible minutes) due to a combination of frequenting the potty and one very vocal neighborhood dog.  travis and auggie can sleep through anything, but i am not so lucky in this respect.  oh well.  i suppose nights like that will prepare me for this little one’s arrival.  i may change my tune a week in, but right now i’m strangely looking forward to those late night feedings.  i can’t wait for those moments when the world is quiet and still, and it’s just me and the baby, looking at each other.  it’s going to be amazing.


5 responses to “owl always love you.

  1. I want an owl onesie (chuckle, chuckle…kind of).
    Insomnia has gotten hold of me, but that’s what blogs are for.

    • They do sell cotton leotards at American Apparel. I could draw an owl on it for you. Almost the same thing.

      Sorry about your insomnia. I seem to have the opposite problem. I think it’s called hypersomnia. I sleep waaaay to much and wake up sluggish and groggy.

  2. When it is just you and your baby in the middle of the night, time seems to stand still. A very precious time…esp when Baby goes back to sleep after mid-night feeding.

  3. I love the onesie!

  4. It’s crazy running off of such little sleep, but I really do look forward to feeding him at night. He just stares up at me and opens and closes his little fist on my breast and it is magic. You will really love it (even if you’re half asleep!!)

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