of hair cuts and onesies.

the “to cut or not to cut” poll was close, with 55% in favor and 45% against.  i, however, have decided i am 100% in favor of getting a hair cut.  i have also decided to forgo a super short pixie cut in favor of something a little less drastic–around chin length or a little shorter.  that way, if i want to cut even more off, i have the option.  baby steps.  i have an appointment at 10:00 tomorrow morning, and will post the results (and a 16 week bump picture) tomorrow evening!

in addition to my hair cut, we also have our 16 week appointment tomorrow.  i am looking forward to hearing the heart beat again!  i also have to get more blood drawn to test for various genetic and chromosomal issues (down syndrome, tey sachs, etc).  just standard stuff.  the next appointment after this is the BIG ONE.  that’s right, 3 weeks from tomorrow we find out if our little shrimp is a girl or a boy!!  both sets of grandparents will be in the room with us when we find out, making it even more special.  I CAN’T WAIT.  i don’t care what this baby is, i just want to know.  i still think it’s a girl.  only time will tell.

i made another onesie last night:

this one is for travis.

and just because i love making polls, what do you think our baby will be?


4 responses to “of hair cuts and onesies.

  1. Girl would be my guess!

  2. can’t wait to see the cut!
    I should get some pictures of mine to show you.

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