i felt the baby move, really move, for the first time last night.  i have felt little flutters or pops here and there before, but last night it was unmistakable.  it felt like a big ball rolling in my abdomen.  it rolled twice and was done.  not long after this, i felt a few little pops, and i tapped my stomach in response.  the baby gave me one good tap back.  i’m going to consider this our first conversation.

i think travis may be feeling a little jealous that he can’t feel the baby yet.  these movements feel crazy strong to me, but they are not yet large enough to feel or see on the outside.  i told him it’s probably only a matter of a few weeks now, and that seemed to make him feel better.

we’ve started reading to the baby at night.  yesterday travis read where the wild things are and cuddled with my belly for a while.  it was a nice end to a wonderful day together.  tonight he’s reading:

both of the aforementioned books are my copies from when i was younger.  now they officially belong to my child.  it’s incredible.


5 responses to “incredible.

  1. That. Is. Awesome.
    Can’t wait to feel something here!

  2. max still asks for “Cordy”…we love that book!

  3. Not too much longer and he’ll be able to feel them too!! My favorite part of pregnancy for sure….

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