17 weeks!

we’re just 3 weeks from the halfway point and 16 days from finding out the sex!  time is simultaneously flying by and dragging on.  this week baby is the size of a turnip, at 5 inches long and 5 ounces in weight.  my belly seems to fluctuate from day to day.  some days it really sticks out and other days it looks like i ate too many tacos.  most days, both points are true.

today has been a really nice day so far.  it is half-price bread day at our local bakery, the scholar’s inn.  we picked up a loaf of seeded rye that smells amazing!  the northeast has the best delis in the world.  it is almost impossible to find a good loaf of rye or a rare roast beef sandwich in the midwest.  scholar’s inn has both!

on another note, check out sarah’s blog post today on some great books about both passover and easter.  if you’re raising your child(ren) in an interfaith household (like she is and we will), check it out!  you can enter her giveaway for a chance to win a copy of each book.  i did!  plus, her baby, charlotte is a beauty and her blogs posts are always heartfelt, funny, and honest.  WIN.

okay.  i’m going to be a shameless self-promoter for a moment.  if everyone who visits us today would click on the banner below**, it would make me mucho happy.  we would love to crack the top 50 (#57, so close!), but unless we get a small surge in votes, it will never happen.  you’ll also notice a few new sites in my blogroll.  most of these are fellow mommy and baby bloggers, who are also listed on top baby blogs.  check them out!  if you like what you see (i know i do), vote for them too!  to me, blogging is about building a community.  this is why i joined top baby blogs in the first place.  i wanted to meet other bloggers, make connections with other preggos/moms, be a part of something, and share my experiences.  the further i (or any other blogger) moves up in the ranks, the more traffic i get, and the more chances i have of meeting new readers.  thank you for your readership and your support.

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**note:  all you have to do to vote is click on the above banner.  there is nothing to fill out or register for.  there will be nothing notifying you of your vote.  the top baby blogs site will open in a new window.  feel free to browse the other awesome blogs listed or close the window.  THANK YOU!

***EDIT:  looks like top baby blogs just changed its voting procedure.  now, after clicking the banner, you have to also click the part on the page that comes up, which says “click here and your vote will be added”.  THANKS!  sorry for any confusion.


6 responses to “17 weeks!

  1. You’re already up to #56!! Woohoo!

    Do you still feel like the baby is a girl?

  2. I love reading other baby blogs…it helps me know that what I may be going through and feeling is perfectly normal…and I love feeling connected to others! Can’t wait for you to tell us if you are having a boy or girl. We should find out in a couple of weeks!

    • It’s so exciting! I’m chomping at the bit to know. I’m trying to think of a cool way to announce it here. I can’t wait to find out what you’re having, too!

  3. I’m always bad at guessing but I think you’re having a girl. I think that only b/c after reading your older posts we seem to have similar experiences, especially not wanting to eat meat. I couldn’t eat chicken throughout my whole pregnancy (the once yummy smell of rotisserie chicken in a grocery store made me dry heave while pregnant) and 11 months after having my daughter I still seem to have an aversion to it. I also became obsessed with all things potato and fruity things but I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned those kind of cravings.

    • I am all about potatoes and fruit right now! The first craving is nothing unusual, but the fruit thing is really weird for me. I’ve never been into fruit. I’ve always been more of a vegetable girl! Only 2 more weeks until we know for sure! I can’t wait!

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