a quick second post: meet merton.

ladies and gentleman, meet merton.  he is my new favorite youtube personality.  he hangs out on chatroulette and plays improv piano songs about the random people/creeps in encounters on the chance program.  piano nerds and technology?  in the immortal words of liz lemon, I WANT TO GO TO THERE.  warning:  the following videos contain some cursing.

this is ben folds’ tribute to merton, which he perfomed live at his concert in charlotte, north carolina:

ben folds has long been one of my favorite musicians.  my older brother got me hooked on him when i was 9, and i’ve been a huge fan ever since.  that’s almost 16 years of unconditional love right there.

i know this post is in no way baby related, but this made my day yesterday, and i felt i had to share.

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