i have to leave for work shortly, where i have to stay until 11 tonight.  just in case i don’t get home in time to (or in the mood to) post anything, here is another onesie i made!

travis has a thing for dinosaurs, so i made this more for him than for our child.  if the baby is a boy, i will leave it as is.  if the baby is a girl, i will add a pink bow to the dino’s head and some pink or purple hearts to the front and back.  well, i have to run and make myself some dinner to take with me.  bye!  have a wonderful thursday!

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9 responses to “dino-mite!

  1. Need a bump picture!

  2. All of your onesies look great! you are so talented…and what a great keepsake to have one baby has outgrown them 🙂

  3. So cute!

  4. very cute dinosaur! Zack also has a thing for dinosaur – he always tells me that he sees one in the backyard! If I gave you a plain T-shirt, could you please make him a dinosaur shirt like that one? My boys would LOVE it.

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