adjusting to marriage: the his and her poof.

travis and i do not use the same body wash, but we do share a poof.  his body wash smells like man.  worse than that, it smells how men think women want them to smell.  you know, like alaskan rain storms, refreshing mists, and sportsmanship.  this offensive pseudo-manly blue goo permeates everything in our tiny apartment.  he took a shower friday around 2:30pm, before he left for work.  when i got home from my job that evening at midnight, the bathroom still smelled like a 7th grade boy wearing too much nautica for men cologne.  my body wash, on the other hand, has no fragrance.  i have really sensitive skin.  it doesn’t handle perfumes or dyes very well, so i use the colorless, odorless oatmeal-based wash they recommend for kids with the chicken pox.

now, it is not the lingering scent of his over-marketed “i’m on a horse” (see video below for the reference) wash that bothers me most.  it is the poof.  the poof i bought for myself, for the purpose of exfoliation and washing my own back.  the stupid little bundle of sea foam green tulle-like material on a rope that i spent $2.99 on, which travis has decided to use, too.  IT SMELLS LIKE DUDE NOW.  the smell does not come out of it, no matter how long i hold it under scalding hot water.  i use it and my skin goes berserk from the fresh spring wilderness surging waterfall man residue left on it.  i think there is only one solution here.  in this time of personal economic uncertainty, when we have loans, bills, and a baby to save for, i think i need to pony up another $2.99 and buy him his own poof.  if he needs to be a walking contradiction and have his own girly, fluffy ball of tulle to use  with his overly-masculine soap, so be it.  DONE.  i think i’ll get him a pink one.

no joke, this is the wash he uses:

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5 responses to “adjusting to marriage: the his and her poof.

  1. you should get YOU a new one since yours smells like dude. Also, you should come into the city for some Cara time. Just sayin’.

  2. Just wait until everything smells like baby puke! Even “his” poof won’t over power that scent! 🙂

  3. That commerical is hilarious! I love it! – Totally buy him a pink poof

    • I laughed so hard the first time I saw that commercial! I think my friend, Cara had it right–I will buy a new poof for myself. He can have the old one, since it already smells like him.

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