3D/4D ultrasounds.

travis and i are considering getting an elective 3D/4D ultrasound sometime between 26 and 34 weeks.  for those of you who have had them, do you think it is worth it?  here is my pro and con list.


-21 weeks would be a long time to go without seeing our baby.  this would allow us to check in and see that everything looks good and that the gender they will tell us on friday is indeed correct.

-getting to see what the baby looks like!

the facility we are considering gives you a DVD of the ultrasound plus additional pictures.

-the price ($129 with a discount) seems pretty reasonable compared to what i’ve heard others have paid.



-do we really need to spend the extra money?

-it’s a hike (a little over an hour drive).

-there is a possibility that the baby could be squished or face down and we wouldn’t be able to see him/her well.

i would be happy to hear the opinions of those who have experienced a 3D/4D before (or even those who haven’t!).  i know we have a while to go (at least 8 weeks) before this is even an option, but i like to plan ahead.  right now, we’re leaning toward doing it.  if we elect not to do it, next friday will be the last time we will see little S or E before the birth.  that seems like such a long time to me!  so…

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4 responses to “3D/4D ultrasounds.

  1. This is a tough one…you know we did this when I was pregnant with Zack, so I have some insight. We mainly did it with Zack because we knew that he was going to be our last kid. I know 21 weeks seems like a long time, but it really isn’t. The 3D ultrasound was kind of cool but honestly, I would save the money and not bother. Zack in the flesh did not remotely resemble the way he looked in the ultrasound, so it doesn’t really help you to get an idea of what the baby will look like. Plus, you don’t really need it for peace of mind. By the 3rd trimester, baby is rocking and rolling in the womb and you feel him/her constantly and you hear the heartbeat at every doc appointment. We have the DVD and the pics, but have we ever watched it? Hmm…maybe once. Spend the money on something you will actually use, like a really cool diaper bag (go to skiphop.com and check out their bags – I got my fav bag from them) or to fill in the holes on your registry. Ultimately, I probably would not bother, but I have a feeling that you already plan to do it anyway! Did you register yet? Please let me know…

    • I haven’t decided either way. I’m gonna sit on it for the next 6-8 and think about it. Thanks for reminding me about skiphop! i will check ou the website today.
      We aren’t registered yet, but we are going to start next weekend when the ‘rents are here. I’ll let you know if anything changes, but right now we’re planning on Babies R Us and Target.

    • and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK!!!! i’m going to make an additional post on that later today…

  2. Save your time and money. It is more of a vanity issue than a practical one. It does not add enough to justify the additional expense.

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