19 weeks!

i can’t believe i’m almost halfway through this pregnancy!  it seems like only yesterday that i took those 4 tests (covering 3 different brands) and spent all day looking at them in complete disbelief.

this week baby is the size of a large heirloom tomato at 6 inches from head to tuchus and 8.5 ounces in weight.  i took a few belly pictures this afternoon.  i apologize for the terrible quality.  i really need to charge my camera.  this webcam just isn’t cutting it!

obviously, the big news this week is that we find out the sex/reveal the name on FRIDAY!!!  so stay tuned for that!

you may have noticed a new page on this blog.  last night i decided to start a timeline page, which has a belly picture for each week, starting at week 5.  it’s really neat for me to see them all side by side like that!  when i first got pregnant, i spent a lot of time on various blogs looking at other women’s bumps, wondering when mine would start to show.  now i have a cute, little bump and a slightly off-center bellybutton of my own!  time flies.

this week my super awesome husband made a very sweet blog post about us.  usually his blog is reserved for very serious matters, such as theology, philosophy, and epistemology.  it’s been a joke of mine to tell him that i never read his blog (not true, i check it everyday) because “you never talk about me.”  it was nice to check in a few days ago and see a beautifully written post about how much he loves me.  i am a lucky girl.  in the words of pam beesly, “when you’re a kid i think you assume your parents are soul mates.  mine will be right about that.”

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P.S.  we’re in the top 40 now!  #38!  thank you to everyone for voting and taking the time to stop by this little corner of the internet.

10 responses to “19 weeks!

  1. I am so excited for Friday!
    You looks absolutely beautiful!

    Also- I love the idea of seeing the belly pictures in sequence!

  2. You are still SO tiny! What a cute little belly you have! Make sure you drink a glass of cold orange juice and eat something sugary before your ultrasound…that way the baby will wake up and hopefully move around enough for them to see his/her baby parts!!

    • I’m not too keen on orange juice. Will lemonade work?
      I’ve been told I’m pretty small for how far along I am. Though, I feel huge compared to a few months ago!

  3. You look beautiful! I cannot wait for Friday, too!

  4. Lemonade might work…although I’ve only read orange juice. I bet a sugary, cold soda would do the trick too.

    Three more days!

  5. You look great! Can’t wait to hear what it is! If you don’t feel like drinking juice…I’ve never done it, and all my ultrasounds have been successful! 🙂

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