tomorrow is the big day!  our appointment is at 11:30.  my plan is to sleep in as long as i can, go out to a late breakfast with our parents, and head straight to the doctor from there.  i’d like to spend as little time as possible sitting around, twiddling my thumbs.  originally, our appointment was today at 4 in the afternoon.  the office called me last week and asked to reschedule.  the ultrasound technician had a family emergency and would not be in the office that day.  my heart sank.  i knew it meant waiting an extra day to find out.  now, i know this doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but it feels almost torturous (melodramatic much?) to have to wait any longer.

tomorrow will be a super busy day.  after we find out the sex and have our appointment, we’re all headed out to pick out a crib, changing table, and start registering.  our little town is sort of in the middle of nowhere.  the closest place to do any of the aforementioned activities is about an hour away.  we have a loooooong day ahead of us!  anyone want to place bets on how long our dads will tolerate looking at baby crap before they decide to abandon ship in favor of a nap in the car?  anyone, anyone?  bueller?  i give them about 45 minutes.


keep your eyes on this blog tomorrow for the big announcements!  if baby is a boy, you will see this youtube video of buddy holly singing “oh boy!”:

if baby is a girl, look for this video of the song “daughter” by loudon wainwright, III:

this post is your last chance to comment with any gender or name guesses!  i’m going to try to get some sleep now.  i’m not sure if i’ll be able to, but i’m going to try!  goodnight!


6 responses to “tomorrow!

  1. I’m guessing a boy!

  2. Just a guess/feeling. 🙂

  3. girl.
    no, boy…

    girl…final answer.

  4. I’m still going with girl. Good luck and have fun shopping! My big day is on the 26th….Looooong wait.

  5. I am going with Boy because it seems that 2010 is the year of the boy…I mean everyone is having boys. I know you are so excited! can’t wait for the update!

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