here is the crib we decided on for sylvie:

lollipop crib by ap industries.

my husband’s parents were very generous and bought it for us yesterday.  thanks, mom and dad hinkle!!!  i love it.  it’s simple, classic, and perfect for our daughter.  OUR DAUGHTER.  it still blows my mind to be able to write that and say it out loud.

we ordered our changing table today.  it will arrive in about 2 weeks!

south shore changing table from babies r us.

we also picked out our bookcases.  we’re going to take a trip out to the ikea outside of cincinnati to pick them up in about a month.  we’re planning a trip to ohio then to visit trav’s parents, anyway.

expedit bookcase and shelving unit from ikea.

it feels great to have all of the basic elements of the nursery picked out!  we’re almost halfway there, and i’m starting to feel the pressure to get organized!  i think the nesting phase has officially begun.  i am so in love with our little girl.

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2 responses to “nursery.

  1. Such a sweet, amazing, special, love. Isn’t it? Love all the stuff you picked!

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