sylvie’s swag.

our little sylvie is already getting spoiled by her grandparents!  in addition to the beautiful crib her grammy and poppy bought for her and her changing table from nana and pop-pop, she also received some adorable things to cuddle and wear.  these first few gifts were given to us right after the doctor’s appointment.

a sweet purple hippo from her grammy and poppy:

sweet little shoes from her nana and pop-pop:

my mom also brought a pair of boy’s shoes just in case.  haha.  she returned them to target later that day.  we picked out the rest of these items over the course of the weekend:

you may be able to tell we have a thing for pandas…

i’m pretty much in love with this cardigan and its matching sunglasses:

any daughter of mine needs a good pair of moccasins!  i probably have 5 pairs of my own.  i’m not even joking.

i love the above onesies!  they will perfectly match the giraffe hat her grammy and poppy got her:

baby hats with animal ears make me melt.

we snagged this sweet little flower sweatshirt on sale!  by the time winter rolls around, sylvie will be big enough to wear it!

of course, every little girl needs an obnoxiously big daisy headband to top it all off!

this is just a little tour of sylvie’s future style!  this kid already needs her own style blog.  yeesh!

**EDIT**  i can’t believe i forgot to post a picture of this onesie!  it’s amazing!

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3 responses to “sylvie’s swag.

  1. Cute stuff! Have fun shopping!

  2. I love the gray cardigan. I’m a sucker for anything gray.

    • Gray is probably my favorite color! Though this cardigan is a actually a really light blue, but it does look gray in this pic. Must have ben some funky lighting!

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