busy busy busy.

it’s busy around here today!  travis has his final painting critique tonight.  he’s spending all day in the studio while i make chocolate chip cookies for him.  i’ll be there, sitting in the back, taking lots of pictures and being ridiculously proud like i did last semester.  once this is over, it will be easy street for him for the rest of the semester.  i can’t believe his school year is almost over!  one down, one to go.  i’ll be 40 weeks pregnant when the next school year starts.  i’m glad i’m going through the most difficult part of the pregnancy during the summer.  i’ll trade sweltering in the heat for more time with my husband any day.

yesterday was another crazy busy day around here!  i ran errands all morning and afternoon.  then we went to our friend, ben’s birthday party.  he and his wife, emily are also pregnant.  they are due exactly 3 weeks after we are.  our friend, joel was also there with his wife, lindsay and their beautiful baby boy, emery.  emery may have the cutest chunky baby thighs i’ve ever seen.  it seems the MFA department here is experiencing a bit of a baby boom!

today i am 20 weeks and sylvie is as long as a banana at 10 inches from head to toes!  she weighs about 10.5 ounces.  keep on growing, sylvie!  i can’t believe we’ve reached the halfway point!  there’s still so much to do.  we have to sign up for childbirth classes, take a tour of the hospital, and finishing registering just to name a few.  now that the weather is warmer, i’ve started swimming at our apartment complex’s pool.  i went on sunday and we’re going again today before trav’s critique.  i’m also starting prenatal yoga on thursday.

well, that’s about all there is to report.  it’s cookie baking time!  check back tomorrow for a 20 week bump picture and some photos of trav’s paintings!

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3 responses to “busy busy busy.

  1. Nancy Resnick (PA)

    Saw Sylvie’s wardrobe on Facebook.

    Looks like “Pandamonium”

    Little girl stuff is just so cute.

    Enjoying your baby blog. I vote for you every day.

  2. Prenatal Yoga! Wonderful!

    Have you ever considered prenatal Chiropractic? Chiropractic is probably covered in your insurance and can help you have a more comfortable and easier birthing process.
    Plus it would just feel great!

    I hope I get to see you soon darling Sara!

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