long day, long week.

today was my last shift at work for a couple of days. i haven’t gained much weight yet in this pregnancy (about 4 pounds or so), and my bump still isn’t very large, but i definitely feel pregnant.  after 8 hours on my feet for multiple days in a row, i am worn out.  i tried to snuggle up with auggie and take a nap earlier.  my efforts were rudely interrupted by my first nosebleed in about 15 years.  thank you, increased blood volume!  i sincerely hope this does not become a regular occurrence.

i don’t have much to say to tonight.  it’s been a strange week, with many emotional highs and lows.  i welcome my “weekend” and the rest it will provide.  to make reading this worth your while, here are a few pictures of my cute mutt.

i know the weekend is almost over for most of you, but mine is just beginning.  so happy weekend!

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