today travis and i planted an herb garden on our deck.  we now have fresh mint, rosemary, thyme, basil, thai basil, lemon balm, chive, and dill at our disposal!  i’m so excited to cook with so many fresh herbs this summer.

we recently purchased a new point and shoot camera, which also takes HD video.  i decided to test out the video function today and try my hand at editing.  it’s not perfect, but i think it’s pretty good for a first attempt.  the song in the video is “mr. blue sky” by ELO.  it’s easily one of my favorite warm weather songs!

it seems my backside ended up being the star of this video.  sorry about that!  next time i’ll pay more attention to where the camera is!

i am exactly 21 weeks pregnant today.  sylvie is about 10.5 inches from head to toe and weighs almost 12 ounces!  keep on growing, little girl!  today i officially made the switch from the doctors in my OB practice to the midwife.  i’m feeling really good about this decision.  from the beginning i’ve been considering a natural childbirth.  i’ve spent the first half of my pregnancy thoroughly researching all of my options, and talking to the ladies in my prenatal yoga class sealed the deal for me.  they all see this same midwife, and some are about to have their second or third child with her in attendance.  everyone i’ve spoken to has glowing things to say about her.  i’ll meet her for myself on may 13th.

the big news for this week is that travis got to feel sylvie move for the first time!  she has been kicking like crazy lately.  during a particularly active few minutes, i had him put his hand on my belly.  after a few moments, his patience was finally rewarded.  his smile lit up the whole room.  it was amazing to see the look on his face.  baby girl, you are already loved so much.  i promise you that.


4 responses to “tuesday.

  1. Great video! Curious…so will you do home birth, or still deliver at the hospital or a birthing center with the mid wife? I’m so jealous! I’ve never been brave enough for a home birth, but the hospital here doesn’t have any midwives with hospital rights, and the nearest birthing center is 2 hrs. away. You should watch “The Business of Being Born”, it’s really great!

    • I’ve seen the Business of Being Born. Trav and I really enjoyed it. I will not be doing a home birth. For one, they are illegal in Bloomington. I may be brave enough to do it for a a future birth, but not my first! My midwife will only deliver at the local hospital, which seems like a great facility. They have birthing pools and balls and other great labor tools. I would have considered a birthing center, but the closest one is over an hour away.

  2. Fun video- that song is great! Definitely a warm weather type of song.

    I’m so excited to hear you will have a midwife- especially one that you have heard so many wonderful things about. Makes me feel good knowing that you will be in good hands.

    Miss you!!

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