me want food.

we’ve had some delicious food around here in the past 24 hours.  last night, for dinner, we made trout with compound butter (unsalted butter, garlic, lemon juice, salt and parsley), quinoa with lemon and parsley, and a small parsley salad (parsley, white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper).  we went a little parsley crazy last night!

travis makes his own crazy good version of labni dip.  labni is traditionally yogurt that has been strained and thickened.  we just buy greek yogurt instead.  he mixes it with lemon juice, grated garlic, olive oil, salt, and parsley.  we eat this stuff like crazy around here.  i love it with pita and veggies.

this tangy delight got me through much of my first trimester, when nothing else sounded appetizing.

i guess the synopsis of this post is WE LOVE FOOD.

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4 responses to “me want food.

  1. You’re making me SO hungry! Everything looks so good!

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