for dinner tonight (our 4:30 early bird special dinner), we had three cheese tortellini.

before you get all you’re a wonderful cook!  it looks so delicious!  what talent you have! please be aware that i woke up a little under the weather this morning and it’s all courtesy of buitoni and mr. paul newman (may he rest in peace).  the basil, however, is from our new garden.


i don’t believe i ever shared the fact that i put together sylvie’s changing table this week.  here it is in all its glory!

yep, that’s our kitchen in the background.  we’re fitting all of this (and us) into a 730 square foot, one bedroom apartment.  the nursery is really the back half of our living room, which was originally an office/workspace.  it’s a space of about 9 feet by 7 feet and is open to the rest of the living room/kitchen.  if you have a house or even just a second bedroom, consider yourself lucky and me jealous.  we, in the words of the immortal tim gunn, MAKE IT WORK.  (is anybody else super stoked about the project runway finale tonight?)

in addition to our changing table, we added some new baby items to our arsenal this week.

we splurged a little on this lamp from urban outfitters because LOOK AT IT.  it’s a yellow bunny for goodness sake!

we also purchased a grey moby wrap and this mobile from our friendly neighborhood baby boutique.  sylvie’s nursery is really starting to come together!

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10 responses to “authentico!

  1. I love the changing table … where did you find it?

  2. Ohh. Thanks for sharing. I love that mobile – what a great idea – I certainly have lots of photos!

    Also I saw “grey” moby wrap so of course I clicked, but I didn’t see a grey one on the website…Is it solid grey?

    • It is solid grey. I noticed that there wasn’t one on the site. I’m not sure how this boutique ended up with a grey one, but it’s mine now! Haha.

  3. It’s a close call between the Project Runway finale and the NFL draft on ESPN. What’s a guy to do.

  4. Good choice with the changing table! That lamp is also one of the cutest things I’ve seen!

    When I was a baby my parents lived in such a small apartment that when I started fussing through the nights they placed my bassinet in the bathroom and that became my bedroom!

    Your dad is so funny by the way, his comment made me laugh 🙂

  5. Your blog is great! It keeps us connected (also many phone calls). I wish I were there to share more with you. BTW… Project Runway; the only draft I know is the one from the ceiling fan:)

  6. I love the lamp!!!

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