my tuesday (in pictures).

okay. this first picture is technically from monday night, but it’s too awesome to not post. this is how we do a family portrait around here.

we went up to greenwood today to get some registering done at babies r us and target.

the drive is about an hour long and almost entirely on one road. i hate driving there with a fiery passion, but it is the closest place with any baby-related stores. greenwood also has a super target, which is one of the world’s most amazing things.

we got a yummy lunch while we were up there.

travis pulled a sneak attack and snapped this picture of us trying to navigate the endless aisles of crap at babies r us.

when we got home, travis took auggie on a nice long walk while i cooked us some dinner. i made tofu tempura, vegetable stir-fry and quinoa.

all-in-all it’s been an eventful day. we got so much done! we also picked out our glider today. i want to give a big, fat THANK YOU to my sister-in-law, melissa and my brother, michael, who bought it for us! right now i just want to watch glee, put the glider together, and do some of this:

have a happy tuesday!

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9 responses to “my tuesday (in pictures).

  1. loved the pictures! glad you nhad a good day. you will enjoy the glider starting immediately!

  2. Yay for productive and fun family days! You two are seriously adorable!

  3. Super Target is one of the best inventions ever. And your dinner looked scrumptious! Hope you had fun registering 🙂

    • Super Target is amazing! We had a lot of funb registering, but I think we’re both glad to be done with it.
      Thank you for the compliment on my food.

    • I just read your most recent blog post! I wasn’t able to comment on it for whatever reason, so I’m gonna do this here.


      i so look forward to continuing to follow your pregnancy!

  4. I didn’t know it was ACTUALLY called “Super” Target. Thats awesome.

    That family portrait is hilarious- Auggie looks like a cartoon!

    I’m still loving the haircut- it looks lovely on you.

    • I think Super Target may just be a midwest thing, but it’s amazing!

      Auggie actually is a cartoon.

      Don’t get too attached to this hair cut. I’m getting it cut again today!

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