my day off.

i have every thursday off from work. as soon as i let my managers know about the pregnancy, i requested to have a weekday off each week. i needed a day, the same day every week, to count on to get things done. they decided thursday would work best, so thursday it is!

travis is done with his classes for the year, which means we actually got to spend the whole day together! he used to have class every thursday at 6:30. we went to target and scored a really nice duvet cover for our bed for $8.00! it was a return from an internet purchase, and marked down from $60.00. it matches our bed perfectly, which is not always an easy task. you see, our bed is bright yellow.

after perusing target and satisfying my craving for an auntie anne’s soft pretzel, we ventured over to mira salon to get my hair cut! the stylist i used to see at my old hair place quit, so i thought i’d try a new place. this salon got good reviews and has cheaper prices to boot! my stylist, tiffany, did a great job. it’s quite a bit shorter than i asked for, but my hair grows like a weed these days anyway. i love having short hair! it is so much easier to deal with. if you don’t like it, that’s ok. after all, i am the only person who needs to. without further ado, here is my new haircut and a 22 week bump picture!

i also have a food picture to share with you tonight. i made tabouleh and travis made his famous labni dip, and we enjoyed a greek(ish) feast for dinner!

i just want to take it easy tonight. i’m still exhausted from work yesterday. 8 hours on my feet is getting tougher! my plan is to watch the office, 30 rock, and dye my hair red. YEP! more changes. i love having red hair, and i think this haircut needs something other than a mousey brown. don’t worry how the dye will affect little sylvie! i’m using a demi-permanent, ammonia-free, soy-based, natural dye! (whew! that last sentence was hyphen city!) it’s totally safe to use during pregnancy. i’ll post another set of pictures tomorrow to show off the red. before i set to work, i think it’s about time for a klondike bar. it’s like pregnant lady crack! have a happy thursday night!


9 responses to “my day off.

  1. Wow! I really love good deals! Now you need to take a pic of the duvet on your yellow bed! I’ll bet it looks super.

    So glad you’re using a safe hair dye! When I was pregnant with Gabriel I freaked…threw out all my personal care items and went all natural/organic. So glad I did.

    Can’t wait to see the new-do in red! 🙂

    • I’m trying not to use any products that aren’t mostly natural ingredients. I have the dye on my hair now. It doesn’t smell AT ALL and i pronounce all of the ingredients!

  2. What a Thursday you had! Have a great night, and I look forward to your “red” picture tomorrow!

  3. Love your new cut! Also, 22 weeks and still so tiny…you are one cute pregnant mama! I ate so many freakin Auntie Anne’s pretzels with cheese when I was pregnant with Henry, it’s not even funny (okay, it kind of was!) I eventually discovered the cheaper ones at Target and then it was really Pretzel City for me…oh wow, I miss being pregnant!

    • Thanks, Allie! I love me some soft pretzels, being a Philly girl and all. My poison from Auntie Anne’s is unsalted whole wheat with cream cheese or salted plain with spicy mustard. Mmmmm!

      I’m carrying so tiny for how far along I am. I keep on waiting for the day when my belly finally pops. I’m looking forward to actually looking pregnant, instead of just feeling pregnant. Sylvie is in there and growing right on track, I promise!

  4. yummmmmmm auntie anne’s………

    you look beautiful!

  5. emily bilbrey

    just found your blog on tbb, and wanted to say what a cute lil’ pregnant lady you are! love the glasses! oh, and i also dyed my hair whilst pregnant (with the nice amonia-free earthy-crunchy soy-based stuff from the natural market!) heehee!

    great blog. happy mothers day, mama-to-be!


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