for all you pregnant mamas out there, asos is having a great sale on maternity clothes, which includes FREE SHIPPING. this is bananas considering they’re based in the UK. just check out some of these great deals:

off the shoulder striped top, $20.29

stripe bow back top, $30.44

contrast bow top, $23.67

these are just 3 of my favorites, but there is a lot more cute stuff, including quite a few things around the $10-20 mark!  i have ordered from this company before and was very satisfied with the customer service and quality for the price.  man, this is starting to sound like a paid endorsement (it’s not).  as you pregnant and formerly pregnant ladies know, it can be incredibly difficult to find cute, affordable maternity clothing.  i’ve relied on the internet for a lot of my maternity shopping.  in my one-horse town the only maternity store is target!  i do love me some target, but i find that their preggo selection is limited and changes too infrequently.  i hope you enjoyed my tip for the day.  if any of you end up ordering anything, i’d love to see what you picked out!   can you tell i’m seriously lacking in females friends out here?

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4 responses to “FYI.

  1. Oh thanks for the heads up! I don’t actually need maternity clothes yet, but I might as well buy some- those are beautiful!

  2. love the peek a boo bow on the back. Did you order that one?

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