boring day.

my day went something like this:
-woke up at 7am
-worked from 8-12
-met travis for lunch and ate flautas and sopapillas
-hung out at home until it was time for trav to leave for work
-took a nap
-ate a huge steak and a bunch of asparagus
-went to wal-mart to pick up a few things
-walked auggie
-watched “school of rock”
-made this post

pretty boring, huh? that’s all she (i) wrote. just so this isn’t text only, here’s one of my all-time favorite pictures of travis. i miss the beard.

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3 responses to “boring day.

  1. you forgot about the demo from the chef–or did you mean to?

    • I left it out because it wasn’t really a demo. We saw the whole lamb, took pictures and left after a minute or two. Nothing too exciting.

  2. I noticed you were moving up!!!
    I vote every time I come visit your lovely page.

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