columbus, ohio.

travis and i are in columbus, visiting his family, until friday. his parents (sylvie’s grammy and poppy) were extremely generous and bought our little girl her crib. as a thank you, we cooked dinner for them tonight. i made prosciutto-wrapped halibut with a sage and brown butter sauce.

here is the halibut straight out of the oven:

this is a picture of the brown butter sauce as it cooked:

we also made calçots with homemade romesco sauce and a grilled potato salad.

it was delicious!

now we are off to jeni’s ice cream for a little after-dinner treat! if you ever find yourself in columbus, you have to go to jeni’s. it is some of the best gourmet ice cream i’ve ever had! okay. i need that ice cream NOW. have a wonderful tuesday night!

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2 responses to “columbus, ohio.

  1. THAT looks yummy 🙂 So nice of them to buy the crib.

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