the gallstone gourmet.

since there’s not much i can do about my gallbladder until after sylvie is born, i’ve decided to embrace the whole ordeal! the one thing i can do now is modify my diet. in order to minimize attacks, i need to cut out red meat, most fats (saturated especially) and cut down on refined sugars. i can do this! starting monday, don’t worry baby will have a new weekly feature entitled the gallstone gourmet, wherein i will post gallbladder friendly recipes and tips! i know a fair amount of pregnant peeps read this blog, and some of you may even have gallbladder issues, as it’s not uncommon during pregnancy. let’s get healthy! i’m out to prove that it can be easy, fun, and (most importantly) delicious.

that aside, travis and i are back in indiana. our trip to columbus was a ton of fun (except for the five or so hours i spent in the hospital), and i always enjoy staying with my in-laws. they are really like second parents to me and are two of the kindest people i know. they even gave me my first mother’s day gift–a bag full of goodies with which to pamper my pregnant self. in fact, it’s been a loooooong day. i think i’ll go put those scrubs and lotions to good use before i turn in for the night. i hope everyone has enjoyed the start to the weekend. happy friday!

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6 responses to “the gallstone gourmet.

  1. Ugh, hang in there! I did a liver/gallbladder flush in October and it was soo worth it. I’m not sure it’s safe to do while pregnant. E-mail me if you want the “recipe” then you can ask your doc & see if it’s ok to try.

    • i’m not sure if any kind of flush is safe during pregnancy. i’ll ask my midwife about it when i see her this week and get back to you. thanks!

  2. Love the idea! I have known at least four or more women who have had tot get their gallbladders out right after having their babies. It’s so crazy common, I think a lot of people will appreciate your recipes.

    • i’m hoping to help out. blogging, to me, is all about building a community. if there’s a community of gallstone sufferers out there, i want to do my part to help!

  3. I think the Clean Eating Mag might have some good ideas, if you’re looking for any. Low on saturated fat, low on red meat and low in refined sugars – it’s all there!

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