24 weeks!

i can’t believe sylvie and i are already 24 weeks along! the second trimester is flying by. she has gained a 1/4 of a pound since last week, and i can really tell. this is the week that my stomach has started jumping. her kicks are so consistent and strong that i can watch my stomach hop and move for minutes at a time. last night, travis’ hand was on my tummy as she gave us her strongest kick yet! we both just looked at each other in amazement. it was incredible.

sylvie is over a foot long this week and weighs well over a pound. holy smokes! that seems so big to me. i recently heard somewhere that, at this stage in her development, sylvie is asleep 90% of the time. judging by how much i feel her move, i just assumed she never slept, like sharks or lindsay lohan. she certainly never sleeps at night! that, coupled with some crazy calf cramps, makes sleep hard to come by. oh well.


travis is teaching his first class today! let’s all take a moment to appreciate how awesome that is. this is what he has been working toward since i met him, and he’s doing it over a year sooner than he thought! none of this is luck. it comes as a result of years, days, hours of hard work on his part. he will be an incredible teacher and i hope his students quickly realize how invested he is in their fine art education. i’m so very proud of him.

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4 responses to “24 weeks!

  1. Go Slyvie! Go Travis! You guys are really kicking butt 🙂

    You’re going to be blown away by how fast Slyvie will start growing from here on out…it’s amazing and was one of my favorite parts!

    Also, sending your panda out tomorrow! Yay!

  2. Congrats to Travis! Those are some very lucky students.

    Sara, I can’t imagine how incredible it must be to feel Sylvie- even if it keeps you up at night. Very cool.

    • It really and truly is awesome. I really don’t mind the lack of sleep. 🙂 It’s my way of knowing she’s growing and thriving. I find it very comforting, even when she wakes me up.

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