bump day.

i haven’t posted a bump picture in almost 2 weeks! here i am today, at 24 weeks and 1 day:

i feel like my belly is changing everyday. i think auggie agrees!

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13 responses to “bump day.

  1. Really cute! You, too!!

  2. You look so great!

  3. You’re looking so good! I love your outfit…are you even wearing maternity clothes yet?!

    I mailed your panda yesterday!!

    • I’m so excited to get the panda! Yep. I’m in maternity clothes (both shirt and pants) in this picture! I’ve been in maternity pants exclusively for weeks now. As far as shirts go, I wear about half and half. I know my pre-pregnancy shirts won’t cut it much longer, so I’m trying to wear them while I can. 🙂

  4. love the bump!

  5. Wow!
    That is one good-looking mama!

  6. you look GREAT!

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