a pregnancy questionnaire.

i’ve seen these floating around a few different blogs, so i thought i would fill one out.

how far along?: 24 weeks, 2 days.
how big is baby?: almost 14 inches, 1.5 pounds.
weight gained so far?: 8 pounds.
maternity clothes?: i’m in maternity bottoms exclusively, but i still wear some of my favorite pre-pregnancy shirts while i can!
stretch marks?: none so far.
sleep?: it is frequently interrupted between having to pee every 2 hours or so, racing thoughts, leg cramps, and auggie climbing on my head.
best moment of the week?: seeing my stomach jump ALL THE TIME (like right now).
food cravings?: i haven’t had any really strong cravings at all. sure, there have been things that sound good, but i haven’t sent travis out to get things at midnight or anything like that. mostly i just want the foods i can no longer eat thanks to my gallbladder. fries and brownies sound good often.
looking forward to?: i can’t wait to set up the rest of the nursery, decorate, and (above all) meet our little girl!


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