this post is dedicated to a round-up of blogs and internet miscellany that i have been enjoying lately.

first up, a video. this video is SO TRUE and i only hope i fall somewhere outside of the obnoxious pregnant lady spectrum. then again, the fact that i’m vain enough to start a blog about it probably indicates otherwise. oh well. stephanie gooch from scrubs is in this video, doing what she does best, and that’s good enough for me!

next up are some blogs i’ve been enjoying lately!

AdaMedina: i have really enjoyed reading dani’s posts on impending motherhood. plus, she and i hail from the same alma mater and she currently resides in columbus, where my in-laws live. i automatically feel a connection with her and look forward to following the rest of her pregnancy.

hello sunshine: jess and her husband are newly pregnant and about to move to south korea. indiana feels so far away from my family and friends, i can’t even imagine what it would be like to reside on the other side of the world! i can’t wait to read all about their big move in the face of impending parenthood.

it’s a wonderful life: one of my favorites! allie and her son, henry are both adorable! she seems very close to her family, and i can definitely relate to that. PLUS, henry makes the most amazing faces i have ever seen, as evidenced here and here. how cute is he?!

these are the blogs/bloggers i’m digging today! what/who are some of your favorites?

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8 responses to “round-up.

  1. Gotta love that video…”You’re just giving birth now, you’re not Mother Earth now…”

  2. Nancy Resnick (PA)

    Really funny video !

  3. That video is great, and SO true.
    And aw, thanks thanks. Your blog is one of my favorites too, actually, one of the ones that convinced me that I needed a blog too 😉 hah.

  4. It’s funny because it’s true…I do speak in cliches, but I can’t come up with anything more clever…I’m going to try harder not to! But what else do you say when someone asks if you want a boy or a girl?

    • If you truly don’t have a preference, say so! If you want one more than the other, say that! I do agree that saying “As long as it’s healthy” isn’t a great response, seeing as the gender and health are not mutually exclusive.

      My answer was always, “I have a feeling it’s a girl, but only time will tell”

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