25 weeks.

dear sylvie,

we’ve made it to 25 weeks, baby girl! i can’t believe how quickly the second trimester had come and (nearly) gone. everyday we get closer to your arrival, and it’s all i can think about. i can’t wait to hold you in my arms, feed you, and change even your most rancid diapers. this whole thing is one enormous adventure, and i hope you bear with us as we figure it all out. i can’t promise you we won’t make mistakes, but i can promise that you will be loved beyond all measure.

this has been the week that you’ve really started kicking me hard and often. i feel you moving constantly throughout the day. if it’s been a while since your last poke, i need only to tap my belly softly and you’re quick to respond with a nudge or a kick. i consider these small, daily interactions to be our first conversations, and i treasure them.

i read somewhere that you can now be soothed by the sound of my voice. i’ve really taken this to heart and have tried to keep my tone calm and happy. your daddy, on the other hand, has had the unhappy task of scolding auggie and shushing him when he barks. sometimes i worry about how you and auggie doggie will get along, but something tells me you’ll both be okay. just look at that furry, little face.

look on the bright side, if he is a jerk to you, you’ll easily outweigh him within your first month!

your nursery is really coming to together! we have all of your furniture and need only to finish putting it all together. i’m handling the bookcases, but your daddy wants to build your crib for you. he’s so excited for it! i can just tell. i hope you can sense how much he loves you already. you know that deep voice you hear reading you bedtime stories? that’s him. every time you kick or make my stomach jump and he catches it, his whole face lights up. you’re a daddy’s girl already. it’s territory i know well. you, my little sylvie, have a wonderful father. he will always be there for you no matter what and will love you without limit or condition. he already does.

you are one lucky little girl. in addition to the two of us (three if you count auggie doggie), you also have four grandparents who are already over the moon about you. you are your grammy and poppy’s first grandchild and one of very few girls in the family. it won’t take much for you to bat your little eyes and get whatever you want. don’t abuse the privilege! your nana and pop-pop, on the other hand, already have four grandkids, your cousins tessa, sophie, sam and zack. don’t for one second think that they are any less excited for your arrival! your nana and i talk almost everyday about you and i know your pop-pop can’t wait to meet you!

it’s time for me to take your furry big brother for a little walk and make a nice healthy dinner. i hope you like turkey burgers with oven fries! i know i do! we love you so much, little girl. though i can’t wait to meet you, please stay in there a little longer. 12-15 more weeks should just about do it! keep on kickin’, sylvie.



10 responses to “25 weeks.

  1. How many great-grandparents does Sylvie have ?

  2. So cute! Isn’t it all just getting more and more exciting and fun 🙂 Oh, I love H now but how I miss being pregnant with him!

    Love the new blog layout too…it’s really cute and quite fitting!

    • Thanks! I thought the old blog could use a little sprucing up!

      Pregnancy is the most fun/amazing/exciting thing I’ve ever done!

  3. Love the blog update … very sweet with hints of pink 🙂

  4. Great new layout. And gosh, you should know better than to post cute letters like this…. when there are extra-emotional preggos reading your blog! 😉

  5. what a great letter!

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