code blue assassins vs. helldorados.

travis and i had a surprise day off together! to celebrate we went to see the bleeding heartland rollergirls season opener! we only stayed for the first match because i’m a little bit sick. it was a lot of fun, nonetheless!

our home B team, the bloomington code blue assassins, put up a great fight against the cedar rapids helldorados. in the end, the they just couldn’t squeeze past them. bummer! i took a ton of pictures from the night. enjoy!

today was a really fun, really busy day! now it’s time for me to try to relieve some of this congestion with a long, hot shower. goodnight and happy weekend!

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4 responses to “code blue assassins vs. helldorados.

  1. “Helldorados” bwahahahaha. Looks like fuuun!

    • It was super fun! We’re going again the next chance we get! I really want to buy a Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls t-shirt before we move away next year!

  2. Round ‘n’ round, yeah round ‘n’ round. Roller derby queen. J. Croce

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