operation nursery: week 1.

so dana over at hancock heir is totally making me feel like an underachiever. she is exactly one week behind me in her pregnancy and already has her little boy’s (aydan) nursery just about done and looking super cute! it’s really helping to light a fire under my tuchus. with one week to go until we’re in the third (and final OHMYGOODNESS) trimester, it’s about high time travis and i start readying sylvie’s space. today is the first official day of operation nursery! we’ve sat down and made a list of things we want to get done every night this week to get the nursery (and the rest of our apartment) baby ready. here is our list (the things we’ve already completed are crossed off).

TONIGHT: clean and organize the bathroom, do a load of laundry, tidy-up and reorganize the kitchen, clean out the bedroom closet

MONDAY: mop the bathroom floor, pick up all the clothes in the apartment and sort them, more laundry

TUESDAY: go through the boxes of stuff in the nursery, take apart the desk chair and move it, more laundry

WEDNESDAY: put together the nursery bookshelves (2), clean off and take apart the bookcase in the bedroom (it is sways like crazy and is so NOT baby safe), go through all of our books

THURSDAY: take down the pictures on what is now the nursery wall, re-hang them somewhere else or pack them away, move the crib box against the wall where the crib will go, go through my stuff in the corner of the living room, decide where to move our butcher block kitchen cart (probably into the bedroom where the bookshelf used to be)

THINGS TO WORK ON THROUGHOUT THE WEEK: the map for sylvie’s wall, the baby blanket i’m crocheting, sorting and folding laundry

there you have it! we’re taking friday night off because we both work that evening. there’s nothing listed for saturday because travis is working and i need a night off! i’ll probably just work on the map and blanket that night. mom, i hope we’re making you proud. we’re trying to get it all done! my nesting hormones are kicking us into full-gear all of a sudden! it feels so great to walk up to the fridge and cross something off the list. there will be new lists next week and the week after that. i’m hoping to get a ton done before i leave for my week in pennsylvania on june 9th. dear readers, i’m posting the lists here so that you can help hold us accountable!!! i’ll keep a copy in the sidebar all week and cross things off as we go. WISH US LUCK, PLEASE!! THANK YOU.

our apartment is teeny tiny and this makes for a lot of work. getting the nursery space ready easily dominos into having to shift a lot around. most of this clean out is long overdue. this sweet baby is just the impetus we needed to get it all done!

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5 responses to “operation nursery: week 1.

  1. Lists always work. It is so nice to cross things off!

  2. Lists are super helpful, and like you said, rewarding when you can cross something off.

    I’m sure you’ll stay motivated to get everything done, but if not just think about how the end picture looks, that’s what helps me to stay motivated.

  3. Slow and steady wins the race. Enjoy this time before little Sylvie makes her debut!!

  4. we did little by little…so it took us a couple of weekends to get the nursery done. Plus…I do so much better when I have a “project: to work on…I just told my husband yesterday that i now need to find something to keep myself entertained.

    can’t wait to see pictures of your nursery!

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